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022. Beauty discrimination in online media

October 13, 2021 Ezechiel Thibaud and Andreas Matthias Season 1 Episode 22
Accented Philosophy
022. Beauty discrimination in online media
Show Notes

Beauty discrimination online

In this episode, Ezechiel and Andy discuss beauty in online media and whether it is discriminatory to prefer beautiful actors and presenters in video material. Are we doing something morally bad when we watch Youtubers we find attractive? Should attractiveness have no influence on our viewing habits? Or are we free to watch whom we like?  Listen to find out!

Please note that this episode begins with a different topic, "online prostitution," but we get stuck on the beauty topic before we ever get to prostitution. So the online sex topic is postponed to next time and don't get confused when I mention it in the beginning :)

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00:00:53 The role of bodies in social media
00:03:28 Separating sexualised from non-sexualised body display
00:05:41 What do we want in an actor?
00:07:23 Is it wrong to judge actors by their looks?
00:08:02 Does ugliness exist?
00:12:04 Is it morally questionable to prefer “attractive” Youtubers?
00:19:05 How can we act against “beauty discrimination”?
00:22:22 Can we influence who we are attracted to?
00:24:57 Is there a biological basis for beauty?
00:27:44 Can we avoid beauty discrimination in every case?

Next time: Online sex and the ethics of OnlyFans.

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