Accented Philosophy

021. Is prostitution morally right?

October 08, 2021 Ezechiel Thibaud and Andreas Matthias Season 1 Episode 21
Accented Philosophy
021. Is prostitution morally right?
Show Notes

Is prostitution morally right?

In this episode, Ezechiel and Andy discuss the ethics of prostitution, from issues of public health to exploitation and jobs that take over our bodies. Should we regulate sex work and how should we do it? Is the enforced sexual abstinence of priests comparable as a violation of sexual freedom to the job of a sex worker? Listen to find out!

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00:01:22 Moral problems of sex work
00:02:20 Why are our societies so averse to nudity?
00:08:04 The polarised public perception of sexuality
00:10:09 Public health and public regulation
00:13:17 Reasons for and benefits of drugs and sex consumption
00:15:30 Sex work and the autonomy of the worker
00:18:57 Sex work vs other kinds of jobs
00:21:09 Sex work vs labour in general
00:22:54 The association of sex with love
00:26:15 Are workers used as mere means to an end?
00:27:40 How to regulate sex work?
00:30:25 Legalisation vs regulation
00:32:06 Taxation, legalisation and social acceptance
00:33:35 Promotion of military jobs, promotion of sex jobs
00:39:52 The feminist perspective on sex work
00:42:31 Sexual abstinence and the reproductive freedom of priests
00:47:22 Sex work and human dignity

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