Accented Philosophy

019. What makes a good country?

September 22, 2021 Ezechiel Thibaud and Andreas Matthias Season 1 Episode 19
Accented Philosophy
019. What makes a good country?
Show Notes

How bad is North Korea as a state?

In this episode, Ezechiel and Andy discuss moral relativism and whether we can say that one society is "better" than another. Is the US better than North Korea? In what way? Is there an objective way to judge the "goodness" of a society?

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:06 Is there non-rational ethics?
00:02:01 Is incest always morally wrong?
00:04:42 The value of moral intuitions
00:08:17 How bad is North Korea as a state?
00:09:52 Political systems and "true well-being"
00:11:15 Poverty vs moral badness
00:14:12 The responsibility of the international community
00:16:49 The role of Consequentialism in moral arguments
00:17:33 Deontological ethics vs consequentialism
00:18:58 Plato (428-348 BC)
00:19:41 Does capitalism make us happy?
00:20:29 Amish society
00:21:08 Epicurus, philosopher (341–270 BC)
00:23:22 Being blind about one's own culture
00:26:40 Judging values vs judging procedural aspects
00:29:09 Jordan Peterson's interview with Yeonmi Park
00:31:03 Are we in a position to criticise other cultures?
00:35:27 Factual judgments vs moral judgments

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