Accented Philosophy

017. Meritocracy and discrimination

August 31, 2021 Ezechiel Thibaud and Andreas Matthias
Accented Philosophy
017. Meritocracy and discrimination
Show Notes

Meritocracy and discrimination

In this episode, Ezechiel and Andy continue their discussion of meritocracy. Do we really deserve the lives we have? And are we providing enough chances to those who need them?

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00:00:37 The paradox of meritocracy
00:02:28 Random selection
00:04:11 Should universities be so expensive?
00:04:40 Should universities select their students?
00:09:04 Is it better to filter students earlier or later?
00:12:25 Age discrimination
00:14:17 Job interviews and soft skills
00:18:09 Positions of power and the good life
00:19:39 The "dark side" of meritocracy: merit and moral worth
00:20:53 Everyone deserves a human life
00:21:55 The Protestant roots of meritocracy
00:23:08 Martin Luther (1483-1546), theologian
00:24:30 Do we deserve love? (Appraisal vs bestowal love; charity)
00:26:00 Basic income must be unconditional
00:27:49 Do we need to change the language of "merit"?
00:29:11 "Deserving" and entitlement
00:33:29 The value of small changes
00:34:12 The wrong perception of one's own country
00:36:09 Next week's topic: Cultural relativism and international politics.

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