Accented Philosophy

015. Sports and Society

August 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 15
Accented Philosophy
015. Sports and Society
Show Notes

Sports and Society

In this episode, Ezechiel and Andy discuss the ethics of sports in general. From whether sports benefit populations to drugs, doping and the problems of nationalism, it is surprising how many interesting moral issues are caused by sports!

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00:00:44 Do the Olympics promote sports in society?
00:01:25 Are big sports events too competitive?
00:03:57 Competing against one’s previous self. Performance vs effort
00:11:38 Single-dimensional and multi-dimensional performance in sports
00:16:33 Doping and drugs in sport
00:17:57 Drugs in bodybuilding
00:20:39 Different kinds of drugs in sport
00:23:03 What is a performance-enhancing drug?
00:26:39 Hormone levels and transgender athletes
00:34:36 Equality, interchangeability and inclusiveness
00:39:04 Are big sports events good for the spectators?
00:41:53 Nationalism and patriotism in sports
00:45:18 Complicity through watching sports

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